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Ryhmä-X 2/1984 Cover
Ryhmä-X 2/1984 Cover

Just finished reading Ryhmä-X 2/1984 and this was a mighty interesting magazine!

The plot

The story continued from where the last one ended.  The X-Men adrift in a storm are saved by a Japanese yacht. They are taken to Japan, which is suffering from multiple unnatural earthquakes. The villain Moses Magnun introduces himself as “the master of the magnum-power”. Probably not referring to ice cream. ;D Ok, seriously now! Of course X-Men fight him, accompanied by the Japanese superhero “Aurinkotuli” (Sunfire). They are victorious, indeed, and the story ends there.

But there is more. Alongside with the main story we find out Jean and Xavier devastated by the supposed death of the X-Men. Jean leaves the mansion and supposedly leaves to the Muir Island with Moira MacTaggert.

Ryhmä-X 2/1984 Star Trek transporter effects?
1) "Jean, it looks like Star Trek transporter effects." 2) "But that's impossib...."

We also learn about Xavier’s past. How he used to date Moira, and how he met Ororo/Storm in Cairo, who was an orphan pickpocket, and fought the local leader of the pickpockets in a psychic battle. Also Lilandra thought of her past and how she came to Earth with a transporter beam, which reminded the humans of Star Trek! :D Since this is the second (?) time Xavier has lost his X-Men, he doesn’t feel like bringing up yet another group of X-Men, leaving Earth with Lilandra.

Ryhmä-X 2/1984 Wolverine and Mariko meet for the first time.
Ryhmä-X 2/1984 Wolverine and Mariko meet for the first time. Click thumbnail to see the full image.

And one more mighty exciting thing! Wolverine meets for the first time the love of his life, Mariko Yashida! :O

(edit: stories originally published in X-Men 117-119)

You really just can’t enjoy comics without these details

There comes a time in every little nerd’s life when you just can’t enjoy a good story without knowing how Cyclops‘s visor works or where does the Lockheed RS-150 Blackbird get its propulsion power (notice a neat technical word used here without any real knowledge of what it means). Well, no need to get distracted ever again because Ryhmä-X 2/1984 comes with all the details you need to know, including professor Xavier’s Cebero’s [sic] details! Now you can build one for yourself!

As I was looking for references for Cebero, I noticed this version of the later Cerebro seems to be unknown to the rest of the world. I have no idea if this is just a typo in the Finnish magazine or what. So unless anyone can shed some light on this, I introduce to you the almost unknown Cebero.

Ryhmä-X 2/1984 Cebero, Cyclop's visor and Blackbird - blueprints
Ryhmä-X 2/1984: Mechanical details of Cebero, Cyclop's visor and Lockheed RS-150 Blackbird.

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