Healthy relationship and a nagging narrator

Ryhmä-X 6/1985 Cover
Ryhmä-X 6/1985 Cover

In last Ryhmä-X Wolverine‘s face promised a quick death for the Hellfire club and in Ryhmä-X 6/1985 he delivered.

The plot

The X-Men are being held by the Hellfire club and Jean/Phoenix turned into the Black Queen by Jason Wyngarde/Mastermind. The only one to escape being captured in the last issue was Wolverine, who goes on a rampage downstairs in order to free his colleagues. Meanwhile Scott/Cyclops tries to free Jean from Wyngarde’s grasp by using the link Jean had formed between the two of them. He succeeds, but in an illusion created by Wyngarde he’s struck dead in front of Jean, who instead of being sucked into his illusion is awakened by the events breaking the last locks holding her Phoenix powers. She helps the X-Men free, who in turn take down the Hellfire club, having learned from their last unsuccesful battle with them. Unfortunately for everybody, Dark Phoenix is loose, she destroys Wyngarde by giving him all the information in the universe, thus overflowing his mind. The story ends just when the X-Men have stepped into their plane and are ready to return home when she suddenly reveals herself as the Dark Phoenix. Gulp!

The second story is still about the birth of the new X-Men. In Ryhmä-X 5/1985 Xavier had collected new mutants to the new X-Men, but already some are resigning from the group.

Ryhmä-X 6/1985 Shiro leaving like a pro
Shiro leaving like a pro. 1) "Sunfire says his goodbyes to you idealists." 2) "And don't..." 3) "...ask my help again, X-Men. 4) "Because you'll get none."

The first one to go is Shiro/Sunfire who joined the group just because Xavier asked him to. Shiro, apparently being one rude mutant, leaves the group with style. Just listen to this. Xavier says to the X-Men: “About the future…” Shiro intervenes: “Which definitely does not include Sunfire, professor.” Professor looks puzzled (not to mention my face): “But, Shiro, I don’t understand. You joined us.” Shiro, obviously remembering things a bit different than what was shown to us in last issue, replies: “I came here to offer my help, but only because of my obedience to the emperor, not for you. I don’t care for the X-Men the least bit. My country is the most important thing for me.” Xavier asks some of the other new members if they agree with Sunfire. The others decide to stay since it’s only been two days (!) since they joined the group. Shiro, the most fickle mutant ever (maybe it’s his superpower) bangs the door open and proclaims on his way out: “Sunfire says his goodbyes to you idealists. And don’t ask my help again, X-Men, because you’ll get none,” and he flies away. Good riddance with that attitude, says I.

Next ones to leave are the members of the old X-Men. Funny thing is they obviously made the decision behind Scott’s back since he’s totally oblivious to their decision even though Jean is part of the group. Once again weird details on their very healthy relationship. Making a life-changing decision without telling your loved one… Yeah, that’s the best way to nurture any relationship. The following day Jean and the rest of the old group are leaving when they find Scott downstairs, still wearing his uniform. Scott: “Jean, I’ve been thinking about this the whole night and I’m… staying.” Jean: “I thought you… I hoped…” Scott: “I’m an X-man. This is my home and I belong here.” Jean: “But Scott, I don’t.” Scott: “This is a horrible situation. I don’t want to lose you. I love you. Do you understand?” Jean says: “I do”, kisses him and leaves, leaving him behind. Oh wow, that’s cold. Talk about true romance.

Ryhmä-X 6/1985 Jean leaving Scott behind like a discarded glove.
From 2nd panel. 1) Scott: "Jean, I've been thinking about this the whole night and I'm... staying." 2) Jean: "I thought you... I hoped..." 3) Scott: "I'm an X-man. This is my home and I belong here." 4) Jean: "But Scott, I don't." 5) Scott: "This is a horrible situation. I don't want to lose you. I love you." "Do you understand?" 6) Jean: "I do" 7) "Jean steps outside..." "...and Scott Summers is alone."

You know that nagging feeling? It’s actually the narrator.

A few pages later the Finnish magazine skips a story or two since we suddenly find Scott mourning after Thunderbird who had died in an adventure not published in Finland. Scott is wandering alone in the woods. The narrator tells us: “The X-Men saved the world, but lost one man doing it. And Cyclops can’t handle it, no matter how he tries.” The picture shifts to Scott’s face: “Or can he?”
Scott: “No.”
“Or can he?”
“Or can he?”

Nice job, narrator.

Ryhmä-X 6/1985 Nagging narrator at work.
Nagging narrator at work. 1) "The X-Men saved the world, but lost one man doing it. / And Cyclops can't handle it, no matter how he tries." 2) "Or can he?" Scott: "No." 3) "Or can he?" Scott: "No." 4) "Or can he?" Scott: "NO!" 5) "NNOOOOOOOO!"

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