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Ryhmä-X 10/1985 Cover
Ryhmä-X 10/1985 cover

After the last two not very convincing Marvel comics, I was more than happy to return to my usual standards and Ryhmä-X.

By the way, you know you are old when you read a comic written when you were on second grade and it refers to a year far in the future and you realise you are living it.

The plot

In Ryhmä-X 10/1985 The X-Men are faced with Kate “Kitty” Pride of the future – precisely from the year 2013, when mutants are living in internment camps. Most of the X-Men and other mutants have died and the last  surviving X-Men Colossus, Kate, Storm, and Wolverine, who has avoided the internment camps having moved back to Canada, and their friends Franklin Richards (the son of Sue and Reed Richards, I believe) and his girlfriend Rachel (I suppose she’s the daughter of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor, though in this case I don’t think she’s still identified as such – at least she hasn’t yet in Finland) are planning to change the past and thus prevent the future/their present from happening.

The future X-Men send Kate’s mind to Kitty’s body in hopes she will be able to stop the assassination of senator Kelly, which will work as a catalyst for things to happen. The assassination will happen on the same day Kate appears in a senate hearing where the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants will kill him. This will cause mutants to be openly persecuted and the Sentinels to be activated. The Sentinels are asked to take care of the mutant problem, which they interpret as orders for taking over the USA and locking mutants into internment camps. Kate asks the X-Men to help her prevent the assassination, and they are willing to help even though they are not quite sure if they trust her story.  While they travel to Washington, the X-Men of the future fight to keep Kate alive when the Sentinels attack them.

Ryhmä-X 10/1985 Future history
Future history: First senator Kelly is murdered by the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in hopes "normal" people would fear the mutants thus leaving them alone. Of course the plan backfired and the mutants became persecuted. The Sentinels were activated to keep the mutants under control, but they ended up killing both mutants and "normal" human superheroes and villains in the progress. In 2013 the mutants live in internment camps.

This is also the comic where the new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants are introduced to us for the first time. They include Mystique (shapeshifter) as their leader, Destiny (sees future), Blob (immovable and unstoppable), Avalanche (can make any material act like an avalanche – in this time at least), and Pyro (controls fire).

Ryhmä-X 10/1985 The New Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
The new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants met for the first time in the Finnish Marvel superhero comics - to my knowledge. Notice Destiny in her normal clothes.
Ryhmä-X 10/1985 Mystique makes her appearence with her troupe.
Mystique makes her appearence with her troupe at the senate hearing. Notice Destiny in her uniform.

To cut the story short, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants attack the senate hearing as expected. The X-Men fight them and win. Finally, it’s up to Kate/Kitty to save Senator Kelly from Destiny, who threatens him with a gun, and she does it just before she and her team mates from the future are killed. The Brotherhood’s plans have failed, Mystique manages to escape and senator Kelly is still alive. Now the only question is, were they able to change the future. The question is never answered, but on the last page we are shown the Sentinels are going to be built. Things don’t look too good. Also notable is that Sebastian Shaw from the Hellfire club seems to be somehow involved in the business with the Sentinels.

The bad guys explained

Sometime between the last issue where Magneto appeared and this issue the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants had changed and Magneto, the former leader of the group, had put together a new one.  To help the Finnish reader the following page was published at the last page of Ryhmä-X 10/1985. On the top there is the lineup for Magneto’s (old) Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Notice Scarlet Witch/”Purppuranoita” and Quicksilver/”Elohopea” before they witch sides and join the Avengers. Below is the new lineup for Mystique’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Even though Rogue hasn’t still made her debut she’s already listed there (her real name marked as unknown). And at the very bottom right corner there is mentioned Magneto’s new group, but this new group’s name isn’t given.

Ryhmä-X 10/1985 The bad guys explained.
The bad guys explained. Since in the last stories the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants was led by Magneto and the group lineup was very different, the new Brotherhood was introduced to Finnish readers with this diagram at the end of the magzine. On top the old lineup, below the new one. At the bottom they also point out Magneto has formed a new group for himself.

 Pop culture classic

You might have seen it: Who Wants to be a Millionnaire and the second to last question is: “Which one of these is not a Pokemon?” and the options are Jigglypuff, Frodo, Pikachu and one other well-known pokemon. He looks at the names clueless, uses his 50-50 leaving only Jigglypuff and Frodo, and then he decides to call it quits. Noooooooo! And just think about it, he could have solved the correct answer with either knowledge of Pokemon or with knowledge about The Lord of the Rings, Frodo being the leading character of the book and all those movies.

Mike Henderson: Days of Future Pixar
Mike Henderson: Days of Future Pixar (link to his blog below)

A similar thing happened to me the other day while browsing the internet. I found this image here and of course I shared it with my friends. Not only is it well made, I just happened to be writing my blog post about the comic magazine the drawing was referring to. Then I realised, no-one had “liked” the picture. Either they hadn’t seen it or couldn’t understand the joke. I suppose they all could pick the reference to Pixar movies, so they must have missed the reference to the cover of one of the classic X-Men stories called “Days of Future Past”, which I recommend for everybody. The story was originally published in 1981, and sadly its theme has not grown old yet. Even though we don’t have mutants, we have Arab muslims, and instead of internment camps we have… an internment camp called Guantanamo Bay and all its little sisters around the world. And the victims of this policy can either choose the path Xavier takes or the path of Mystique.


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