Greetings from USA!

Me standing next to fallen redwood tree's roots.
Me standing next to fallen redwood tree’s roots.

I’m currently on a roadtrip in the USA with my husband Joonas. This is one of those once in a lifetime trips. Six weeks in the USA, a car, and a plan to drive from Los Angeles, CA, all the way to Vancouver, BC, in Canada and back via Salt Lake City, OH,  Las vegas, NV, and San Diego, CA. I even took some of my comics with me with a plan to read them and write my blog, but no, apparently I won’t. The journey has proven to be much more exciting than I expected and full of wondrous things.

By the way, I’m writing a travel diary on the road in a Finnish nerd girl community called Nörttitytöt. Even though most of the content is in Finnish, I decided to write my travel diary in English. So if you are interested to hear about my travels in USA and about an Avengers Assemble! exhibition at Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco, please go read my journals. They can be found here:

Costumes from Old Sacramento's costume shop.
Costumes from Old Sacramento’s costume shop.

Or you can just click on the individual articles listed below. I’ll update this list when new posts appear.

About the trip in general: Nörttitytöt matkustaa (in Finnish)

  1. Los Angeles
  2. Trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco
  3. San Francisco
  4. Trip to Seattle and the city itself
  5. Canada and more on Washington
  6. Death Valley and Las Vegas
  7. San Diego and Los Angeles (last post)