The X-Mummies Advent Calendar! #3

I thought I’d better tell you about the translations I’ve made. I study Egyptology at the University of Helsinki here in Finland. I got this idea I could translate the names of X-Men characters and their arch enemies into hieroglyphs. There are many options on how to translate the names. You can translate their meaning, for example in Nightcrawler’s case I could have digged my dictionaries for the hieroglyphs for “night” and “crawler”. Unfortunately most of the dictionaries are from hieroglyphs to modern language and not the other way around, since no-one really needs to write hieroglyphs anymore. So that would have been really hard work. Also in a sense that would have changed the way their code names sounded and on top of that one can not be absolutely sure as to how the names would be pronounced.

You also have to remember that there is not just one Egyptian language called hieroglyphs but in fact four to seven different languages, depending on how you count them. The four most common language divisions are the Old Egyptian language, Middle Egyptian language (the so called classic language) the New Egyptian language with hieratic writing, and the coptic language, still in use as a liturgic language of the copts. But then there is also the proto Egyptian language predating the pharaos, demotic writing, and ptolemaic language. Some find even more languages, but I’m not skilled enough to have an opinion about those.

Ok, but enough if that. The point is, to make the translations properly and considering all the possible options would have taken more time than I have, instead I chose the easy way – letter to letter translation. You might see other people translate these names differently according to the way they are pronounced, which would have been yet another way to translate these names and most likely the way the Egyptians themselves would have done it, but since there is debate over as to how each letter is to be pronounced I ditched that idea.

So here they are, the names of the X-Men and their arch villains written in hieroglyphs. I’ll tell you more about writing names with hieroglyphs later, but for now, just enjoy this image I drew last night!