The X-Mummies Advent Calendar! #15


While drawing this image below, I got into thinking about the male image in superhero magazines. I’m not going to go very deep on this, as I’m suffering from a horrible stayed-up-too-late-hangover (I swear, I drank no alcohol, I’m just getting old!) after my student organization’s Christmas party yesterday. But back to men and muscles.

Well, like almost all artists do, I looked up some reference photos for this drawing. I had seen this most amazing photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s back on Netflix for Pumping Iron, but I couldn’t find it with easy googling. Instead I found some other images of him during his bodybuilding career. Google also found me  pictures of some meat heads grinning their teeth together and stretching their muscles to the point it looked just ridiculous and quite sad. But the thing that struck me was that Arnold used to be unbelievably beautiful in his youth. Whereas most body builders look just weird and usually have unproportioned bodies, Arnold looked relatively slim and tall even though he had these huge muscles.

And the one point which made me think of the many horribly-gone-wrong drawings from the late 90s superhero comics, were these grinning bodybuilders whose pectorals look like they are ripping off from their bodies. So ugly. Whereas Arnold had these soft, lovely, smooth but still huge pecs. Honestly speaking, I find bodybuilding ridiculous most times, but looking at Arnold, he had an eye for beauty or most likely he had the most perfect genes and that’s it.

So while I was admiring (not drooling, strictly for aesthetic reasons) pictures of the young Arnold, I drew this image of Colossus, who must have been originally inspired by Schwarzenegger. For the love of those muscles I decided to leave this one without colours as I was sure I’d mess it up. And sorry for the cheesecake expression. I haven’t drawn anything in such a long time I seem to have lost the control over my art. It’s like, I find it easy to draw basic stuff like muscles etc. which are hardwired in my brain and my drawing hand, but if I have to draw anything more complex I find I truly struggle with it. I should definitely draw more often. This advent calendar has been a great way to force me to draw. I should do this more often.Colossus Peter Rasputin

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