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I was born in 1977 and currently live in Helsinki, Finland with my husband. I enjoy video and PC games, drawing, painting miniatures, Star Trek (except Voyager) and other very geeky stuff. Hence there is no denying what I am – a geek.

I got involved with superhero comics at an early age (read my two first posts to find out more).  At some point I noticed I had all except two Marvel comic books ever published in Finland except for Spiderman comics. For some reason I just never got into “Hämähäkkimies” as we call him here in Finland. I had made myself a promise I wouldn’t read any of my lately purchased Marvel comics before I have them all, but now I’m on a holiday and I only miss those two issues, so why hoard all these comics and wait maybe years to finally read them through.

I also thought I’d write down something about each issue I’ll read just for fun and maybe some other issues that arise while I get on with the task. I can already think of a few topics I’d like to talk about, like how Marvel men treat the women around them – especially the language they use used to irritate me even back in my teens. >;)

My favourites from childhood:
– group: X-Men
– character: Wolverine and Storm
– villain: Spiral (I loved drawing her) or Mystique
– artist: Jim Lee or John Romita jr aka JRJR
– writer: Chris Claremont (I especially liked the Inferno storyline which affected every superhero group in Marvel universe.)

5 thoughts on “About the author”

  1. Hienoa ja mielenkiintoista! Muistan kun jo silloin vuonna jotain etsimme kanadassa marvellin sarjiksia :)

  2. Täällä toinen vanha Ryhmä-X -fani. Oli todella hauskaa löytää blogisi :-) Päivityksesi ovat aikamoisia nostalgiapläjäyksiä. Löysin Ryhmä-X:n vuonna 1985 ja seurasin heidän seikkailujaan 10 vuotta. Ehdottomasti rakkain sarjakuvani.

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