The X-Mummies Advent Calendar! #11


As a kid I loved Madelyne Pryor’s character. I began reading X-Men by the time Madelyne was already around and Jean was just a distant memory. During the Inferno storyline Madelyne’s true past was revealed. She was no “real” person, but a clone of Jean made by Mister Sinister (what a silly name!). Having read a short part from the beginning of Madelyne’s story, which I’m going to go through later in this blog, I realised how tragic a character she was. Scott, being his charming self, starts to date her apparently only because she looks like Jean. And Madelyne finds out about it and the outcome is not happy. And somehow she forgives Scott. Nice. I don’t think I’d be as benevolent thinking I was just a cheap copy of someone’s late wife. And then to find out you actually are her copy. S**t, no wonder she got pretty messed up in the end.

Madelyne Pryor

The X-Mummies Advent Calendar! #7


Yesterday Finland celebrated its 95th Independence Day and Iceman got into the mood as well. In fact, this fellow is a toy my husband ad I got from a Spider-Man and Friends Easter egg. We did, in fact, get Spider-Man, but the other egg gave us this fellow. We tried to figure out who he is, until a friend pointed out the obvious – he is the friend. I don’t know what Iceman is doing with Spider-Man, but since I can’t figure out who else he would be, here is Iceman for you.